Chelsea Midfielder Attacked After Ajax Draw

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Chelsea midfielder Willian is under attack following their Champions league match against Ajax.

European journalist Matt Law has penned down a long article castigating the Brazilian for ‘dismal performance, at Stamford Bridge with a view of seeing the player out of the club.

Matt says Willian has tried doing everything possible to impresses but things seem not to be working for the 31-year old footballer.

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“In America, they call it the contract year phenomenon and Willian has been doing everything to prove he is worth a new deal. But the Ajax game highlighted why this should be the start of the long goodbye (even if he signs a contract),” part of his story, which he shared on social media read.

This statement left Chelsea fans with divided opinions; some supporting the Daily Telegraph writer while some thinking otherwise.

Reactions online:

Fullington Fulbright: “Excellent article Matt. Been a long time coming that mainstream media realized the guy is a B level player. Isnt and never has been good enough to lead a top team.”

Anthony Alex: “I think what still separates him and Odoi is that workrate off the ball…Willian although last year looks like he wasn’t bothered..This year his workrate and ball recoveries has been insane.”

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MetRyan: “Completely agree, should have been replaced years ago, it’s funny as it is the senior players not the youngsters that are the ones that let us down constantly”

Grandma: “Matt law don’t be too hard on the boy, if I may ask why is it this season Chelsea is struggling to win without him. Willian just like zouma is easy to blame.”

AKR14: “Lampard is playing the experience card with Willian and azpi in the team as for example if u drop them and play a team full of young players with exception of jorg,kante the senior players in dressing room will think they don’t belong there. Its just man-management.”

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