Nice Ways To Tell Your Friend They Have Bad Odor

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Having bad odor is such a sensitive issue and addressing it can go wrong if you sound like you are attacking someone instead of offering possible solutions.

If your friend is aware that they have a bad smell there is a possibility that they have low self-esteem.

You have to be really careful with your words while speaking to them about it to avoid crushing their esteem even more.

Far from the words, you should also have an understanding of their personality so that you can use the best approach over the matter.

Whether they have bad breath, smelly feet or serious body odor it is important not to be rude about it.

Here are the nice ways you can tell them they stink without damaging your relationship.

Hold the talk in private

Addressing the issue in private shows that you are concerned about helping other than making such a big scene by embarrassing your friend.

With this, you are assured that this remains between the two of you instead of exposing the situation to people who never noticed that your friend is dealing with bad smell.

You don’t smell like roses

Red Roses

There are a couple of phrases you can use to make a light moment out of the situation. Be careful not to give bad jokes; this might piss your friend off.

Buy them perfume (gum- for bad breath)

If you find it difficult to tell them using words, you could as well say it indirectly by offering to buy them some cologne or gum.  You could even surprise them with a fragrance pack.

Suggest to them the products they should use

Try to find out whether they have been using any products to kill the bad smell. There are chances that some products are not working for them.

Be kind enough to research other products that can be helpful.

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