7 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Panties and Go Commando This November

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As the men embark on no shave November this new month, how about trying something new yourself and ditch your panties.

Panties are great but there is something particularly freeing about going commando no woman can deny. While many have adopted the no-panty lifestyle, the majority of women are still hesitant.

This is mostly because of the way we are all brought up and the common misconceptions that surrounding going pantyless. For example, some think it is a form of promiscuity. FYI, don’t believe any of them.

Myths aside, here are reasons supporting why you should go commando this November.

Your butt jiggles perfectly in a sundress

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Let’s face it, women feel ten times more attractive when they have a jiggly butt. With panties on, they can’t experience this.

A sundress should, therefore, be your go-to outfit with the current sunny weather we are experiencing in most parts of the country. Going commando in a sundress guarantees the thunderous jiggle, regardless of whether you have a big or small butt.

They are already looking so you might as well give them something to stare at.

No longer have to jump to fit into your jeans

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Women from all walks of life know the struggle there is to get into those tight jeans we love. This is especially so for curvaceous women with thunder thighs. Going pantyless guarantees that you get into your jeans smoothly without resistance.

You’ll feel sexier

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You will feel like a ‘commando’ by going pantyless. It’s no surprise that women choose to go pantyless on dates. While the occasional thongs and g-strings make a woman feel empowered, there is no high like that of going pantyless. In the words of today’s millennials, you get extra gangster points for it.

And if you want to get nasty with your partner after the date, you already know what his face will look like when he gets under the dress.

Fresh air

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Every so often, it is advisable to let the cooch breath. While you cant walk completely naked, going pantyless allows fresh air to flow to your privates. It’s a freeing sensation that you need to experience.

It is comfortable

We all know the occasional wedgie all too well. It is uncomfortable to walk in and embarrassing to let out. By going commando, you never have to experience a day of this discomfort.

Prevents Infections

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Infections for women’s cooch are quite common and are caused by almost anything. If you have ever had any form of infection, wearing the same underwear ensures that the infection stays. The only options you have in that case is to throw away all the old panties and buy new ones. Another more exciting option is in going commando.

No Irritations

Many people are irritated by panties that are not made of cotton. I can guarantee you that going pantyless takes away the itch.


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