My Husband Cheating Drove me to Having Sex in the Office – Wife’s Confession

Unless you have a business you run all by yourself, your co-workers are a very real part of your life.

While you can choose to have whatever relationship you feel like with anyone else in your life, itā€™s different with your co-worker because you need each other to survive in the work environment, so you must have a good working relationship with them, as that may be the difference between your stay and exit from any organisation.

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Below is a confession of a lady after engaging in a steamy relationship with a co-worker.

My time has come been reading these confessions, time to unleash mine because having lived in this world for over 35 years, I must have a one or two strong secrets. I became a boss at a very early stage in my career (hard work plus luck) but unfortunately, I got married at the wrong time, I should have enjoyed life more.

This confession is about the most daring thing I have ever done my whole entire life. My hubby and I started having quarrels even before we decided to tie the knot and that continued even in our marriage mostly because he is a cheat. He f**ks other p***sies to date, am at a point I don’t give much damn about it.

Back to my confession, there was a time we separated for about 5-6 months so I was in a huge dry spell when I made the ultimate mistake. Since work computers are mostly censored by the IT guys, I took my laptop and decided to watch some porn at the office.

I scrolled through watching different kinds of videos, got horny but was not to the extremes until I arrived at a category called office sex coincidentally(those who watch porn know this pornsites suggest similar videos to the one you are watchingšŸ˜œ).

This category turned the hell out of me, I got so wet imagining being nailed at my office. I watched a few videos, my hand even reached for my p**sy subconsciously. I’ve seen some confessors saying that the devil comes at the wrong moment, in my case he came in the wrong moment in form of a young intern that I was giving a lift home once in a while.

He was cute but I didn’t think sexual stuff about him although his face had appeared once in a masturbation sessionšŸ˜œšŸ˜‹. He had come to plead with me to make sure he got the job permanently as he told me later but when he got to my office the first question he asked was why my face I shining so bright then asked what I was watching on my laptop.

What they say is true, bosses shouldn’t mingle with their juniors, he wouldn’t have tempted me in that manner if he feared to be in my presence. Subconsciously again, I removed the earpiece from the laptop so he could hear the loud exaggerated mourns from the porn video.

He laughed but didn’t talk so as the boss I took matters into my own thoughts, subconsciously again I asked him if he would like to f**k me, I can be something else when h**ny like that. Long story short, how I got nailed on the floor of my office is still a great mystery. That was the greatest sex of my entire life to this day.

I had unprotected sex with a stranger at work, door not locked, my secretary(male) could have bumped in anytime. The orgasms were so intense that I have never felt something like that up until now, I attribute that to the fear of being caught or something. If I was given the chance to relive a moment, I would go back to that particular day.

Sadly as a boss, you have to make tough decisions, I couldn’t work with a junior I’ve had sex with at work, the only time I’ve ever done that for that matter. Decisions have consequences, I made sure he didn’t get the job and he moved to another town for greener pastures.

He got angry at me for not doing anything about him getting the job but if only he knew I was the one who made sure he didn’t get the job. I send him cash once in a while through his bank account hoping that one day we have a do-over but he doesn’t look interested at all so I just hope.

That’s the craziest thing I have ever done. Have never told even my closest friend so hide my identity because I got a reputation to maintain. Thanks and have a great time everyone.


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