My Boyfriend Dozes Off During Sex – Distressed Nairobi Lady

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While many women complain of too much sex in their relationship, a frustrated Nairobi lady is complaining of too little action in the sheets.

The 27-year old woman identified as Catherine disclosed that her boyfriend doesn’t ask for sex yet they have been together for 9 months with no action in the bedroom.

The woman narrated her predicament during Milele FM’s Hali Ilivyo segment.

“I don’t know if it’s a disease or curse. I don’t know what to call it. I’ve been dating this guy for 9 months but he doesn’t react to my sexual advances or asks for sex. We can stay for 5 months without sex and we share the same bed but no sex and he doesn’t get a hard on. In the morning he showers and goes to work. For 5 months. He said he is not interested in sex before marriage so he promised me sex after we get married and he promised to satisfy me,” she explained.

However, she didn’t give up on making her advances so she wore a sexy little number in a bid to get her man in the mood.

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“I tried going to his place when he was sober, wore some sexy lingerie and tried to seduce him while he was watching a football match. He continued to watch football and when I asked him we go to bed, he said that I have to wait for the match to end. I wanted to make him lust after me but all he said is that he wants the match to end first,” the distressed lady disclosed.

When she finally managed to get him into bed, he complained that she is forcing herself upon him. After some push and pull, the man reluctantly agreed to have sex with her and dozed off while he was on top of her a few minutes into the session. To make matters worse he started drooling!

“A few minutes into our session, he fell asleep started drooling,” she explained.

While defending himself after the embarrassing scenario, her boyfriend claimed that the reason he is not able to rise to the occasion is that he was bewitched by his ex-wife.

This is how Kenyans reacted to the confession:

Ian Macharia: It’s very simple the guy is not attracted to women he gay🏳️‍🌈 man and using the lady as camouflage to look normal in the eyes of the society

Mary Mnyasa: Vitu kwa ground ni different 😂

Lawrence Kipkoech: Well I think this needs medical intervention
Peter Rimui: Huyu dem aachane na huyo bwege ya mwanaume ametuangusha sana sisi walevi+971Dubai

Sylvester Benjamin: Pole sana Catherine nipigie simu achana na hiyo ngamia 😂😂😂

Wesley Kibet: Mtu wa pombe anakataa katiba? HAIWEZEKANI😂 😂 😂

nelson logedi: Hapo kwa kizungu na kuomba he is wasting alcohol for sure🤣🤣🤣

Towett Cheptoo: Ooh my ndo maana Mimi husema kuolewa kama sijatest katiba hiyo ni kubuy kiatu sijapima….uyu demu anavumilia Mimi labda angeni finger fuck ndo nitoke hapo walai

abdul ramah: Jalas iyo shirt ni smart sana

Azam Didier: Catherine tafuta mtu akunyoroshe akutembezee katiba from county to county kama BBI.. achana na huyo alale😴😴

Caroline Okorley: The guy has sleep disorder known as narcolepsy, he needs to be checked out.

ben muga: 😂😂mtu anaaamua afuate kristo

Caleb Opiyo: Huyu jamaa anione na mlango wa nyuma, si kupenda kwake, urogi ni kweli😂😂😂

Ciru Karago: Oh Lord! Sad woiye.

Susan shatoria: Weee 😂😂😂 Aki hii Ni maombi.

bravin peace: Daammn😭😭😭😭😭😑this aint a laughing matter,, he is sick😭

Hidden Truth’s: That’s weird 🙄😓

keryy dancun: uchawi upo nishalala na demu bila kukagua mali.Anybody like me gonga hapo chini na likes

Joshua Oduor: Inakaa story ya kujitengenezea manzeee uyu dem atafte jalas sema parte after parte

Half Sleepy: Huyo angoje wanaume waQatar wamuonyeshe

Henry Munene: Boy child now needs Deliverance Mungu wangu.

Bernice .M.: Weeeee witchcraft is real indeed 🤔🤔

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