Best Wig Styles You Can Steal From Award-Winning YouTuber Joanna Kinuthia

Drop-dead gorgeous Youtuber Joanna Kinuthia has been leading in the beauty category in the country for a few years now.

She has become the go-to person for most slay queens where make-up and beauty is concerned. Her brand has grown exponentially and she recently expanded it by creating her own make-up line.

Paired with make-up, the beauty guru has taken her looks to another level with to-die-for wigs that women can’t get enough of.

She rocks the sexiest wigs and gives details of exactly how you can find one for yourself. Wigs are a necessary accessory for today’s busy Kenyan woman as they take the work off going to the salon therefore saving time.

Check out some of the sexy wig inspired looks that you definitely have to steal from her as the holidays approach:

1.Long Wigs

Long wigs are great and Joanna has found just the perfect ones that work for her face.


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TOMORROW IS THE DAY Y’ALL! Tomorrow is when I officially launch my baby @joannakcosmetics I’m so so excited but also so TERRIFIED! I have no idea what to expect and that’s a very scary thing for me πŸ˜ͺ I have put my money, my time, my effort, my sweat and blood and prayers (it’s all I’ve been praying for this year, every time God hears me starting a prayer I’m sure by now He’s like here we go again πŸ˜‚) I have already learnt and grown so much from @joannakcosmetics and I hope to learn and grow even more. They say the first year of business is the hardest, and nobody is ever prepared for it so I’m not going to say I’m ready, I’m just going to say I’m excited for what this new chapter of my life is going to bring and I’m ready to fail and mess up and make mistakes and learn from it all. I’ll be live tomorrow at 11AM to officially launch the company and I hope you’ll all join me because you’re a big part of this new chapter in my life πŸ’“ We’ll also start taking orders from tomorrow πŸ’ƒ Thank you for all the overwhelming love and support you have shown me up to this point! πŸ“· @lyraoko

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2. Short Wigs

Short wigs are perfect as they are less cumbersome compared to long ones. With these ones you don’t spend a lot of time detangling.

3. Curly Wigs

Just as the name suggests, these wigs have the coveted Type B curl pattern that everyone loves. Some also mimick the Kenyan ladies natural hair and they come in different lengths.

4. Bob Wigs

If you are looking to look classy, then bob wigs are the way to go. They give off a certain classy flair in women that you simply must cop yourself one.


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#boblife Hair: @divaswigs Photo taken on my phone from @iphone_streetkenya

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5. The Side-part

Every girl needs a side part in the wig collection and Joanna has plenty proving it is indeed her favourite.


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Hey guys! I hope you’re as psyched up for @jumiakenya Black Friday as I am! What beauty goodies have you been wanting to get your hands on? Comment down below! They go live with the deals at midnight tonight! When I say this is the time to stock up for the year, I’m not kidding. Beauty products will literally be going for 70% off! As in?!!! Imagine Micellar water will be going for as low as 100 Bob 😱 I’m stocking up for the whole year! See you guys there at midnight tonight. I’m taking over @jumiakenya stories in a few to share with you guys what I have my eye on this Black Friday. Happy shopping! #jumiablackfridays #jumiakenya #jumiablackfridaydeals #sponsored Hair: @ririhaircom

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6. Bold Coloured Wigs

Bold coloured wigs spice up a look and show that someone is daring. Miss Kinuthia proves that she can get away from the conventional and experiment with new bolder colours often.


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This look is on my chanooo. Posted it this morning πŸ’“ A smokey eye as intense as they come! Hair: @omgherhair

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7. Wavy Wigs

Wavy wigs give off a relaxed casual feel and are perfect for vacations.


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What is a big crazy dream you have that if you said out loud, people would laugh? I have 10 final @tcbnaturals hampers for you guys!! For me, I’d love to have my own beauty brand that becomes a household name not just in Kenya but in Africa as a whole. It’s a huge crazy dream to me, and I constantly talk myself out of it, but it would be a dream come true for me to create makeup products for you guys because for me, makeup isn’t just makeup, it makes me look good and because of that I feel good and I get this boost of confidence. I’d love to create something that can do this for you, it would make my heart so happy! Let me know your crazy dream! #ShineInTheMoment Photo: @jesses_photography Hair:

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What have you worked on or created yet never released because you felt it wasn’t good enough? Comment down below! How many things do we do that never see the light of day because we don’t feel that they are good enough or as good as someone else’s? I’m encouraging and challenging you today to aim for progress over perfection? If you’ve put your best foot forward into your work, then let the world see it even if it’s not perfect! From that you’ll learn, grow and become so good that they’ll be using you as THE standard for how it should be done! Hair: @wiggins__hair Check out my latest YouTube video for details on how I installed this gorgeous unit!

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8. Braids Wigs

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend over 3 hours in the salon anymore. Braids wigs exist for lazy ladies who prefer a quick fix. Joanna wasn’t left behind.


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