Miraa Driver Shot Dead in Samburu

A miraa transporter was Wednesday morning shot dead by armed raiders, who also injured four other people in Samburu North.

According to police reports, the gang of about seven opened fire at the Probox vehicle that the deceased was driving, shooting him on the head and his passenger on the shoulder.

Three other victims sustained gunshot wounds, after unknowingly driving into the crime scene, only for the AK-47 bearing gunmen to open fire at them, before ransacking their vehicle and taking away money and food.

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An AK-47 rifle and ammunition

The driver of the second vehicle, one Anthony Githinji Mwangi, told police that the gunmen, thereafter, ordered them to leave as they were not the target of the attack, which occurred at Silcon area, along Laisamis-South Horr-Baragoi road.

“They told us that we were not their target and ordered us to proceed with our journey without telling anyone that we had been attacked and robbed. They even helped me jump start the vehicle since it had stalled,” Mwangi recalled.

The four injured victims were admitted for treatment, at the Samburu County Referral Hospital, as police open investigations into the case.

Elsewhere, in Kiambogo, Molo Sub-County, residents are demanding the revival of an AP Police post in the area, decrying the rise of criminal activity since the Post closure in August.

One shaken resident, Njeri Njonjo, narrated how she caught thieves, who had broken into her house, transporting her belongings on a motorcycle.

Njeri, who was away with her daughter at the time of the robbery, beckoned an oncoming motorcycle for transport at a separate time, and when the bodaboda rider stopped, his pillion passenger fled.

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A motorcycle rider and his pillion passenger

Upon inspecting the items that the suspect had left behind, Njeri discovered they were her stolen household items, and reported the matter to the police.

While escaping, the culprit dropped some personal documents, which Njeri hopes will assist the police with investigations.

Another resident, one Chris Musoyi, also reported that he had been tied up, beaten and robbed at his home.

While promising to curb the rising insecurity, Area chief, Josephat Chibini, urged the residents to remain vigilant and volunteer any helpful information to the relevant Authorities.

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