Photos: At least 8 Buses Collide in Bizarre Thika Road Accident

There was heavy traffic snarl-up along Thika road around Muthaiga primary school after over six buses collided and blocked the busy superhighway on Thursday morning.

According to reports from the scene, one of the buses, Virgina Coach, coming from Nairobi towards Thika had skidded off the slippery road and hit the guard rails.

Witnesses said the bus had tried to overtake another when the driver lost control.

The two buses lost control and veered off the road with other oncoming vehicles speeding down the road reportedly colliding with the two buses and then stalling in the middle of the road, causing huge traffic on both sides of the highway.

The accidents were attributed to the slippery road due to the heavy rains that hit most parts of the city on Thursday morning.

Police at the scene had a difficult time trying to divert traffic as heavy rain hampered visibility and other motorists slowed down to catch a glimpse of the accident.

Drivers are warned to drive carefully especially with poor visibility caused by the heavy rains currently pounding most parts of the country.





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