Kenyans Blast NRG Radio for Seeking Sympathy Followers

Kenyans on social media are angered by NRG Radio for a move they are terming ‘Desperate’.

This comes after the Radio station announced that they were looking forward to reaching 1 million followers before Thursday, October 16.

The Station had changed its name to Kipchoge Radio for a week in honor of Athlete Eliud Kipchoge’s after the recent record-breaking performance in Vienna where he became the first human to cover 42 kilometers in under 2 hours.

Kipchoge radio has now come up with a challenge where they are sourcing for 1 million Instagram followers:

“And the NRG i8 challenge is ON… If we manage to get to 1 Million followers on Instagram by tomorrow morning at 9 am, this BEAUTIFUL baby, the BMW i8 will be delivered .”The statement read.

NRG seems to have had lost it’s glory after sassy lass Kamene Goro and the guy with no filter, Andrew left for Kiss 100’s Breakfast show. The listeners must have left with the duo and Kenyans on Twitter were displeased with the way the station was handling Kipchoge’s win.

 Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Here are some tweets from displeased Kenyans:

-@Nyottu: This is what you get when 80% of radio station employees are USIU dropouts

-@Clichy_Skillz: It’s your content that will make you get 1 million followers!! .. otherwise hii ni upus mnatuambia, kama nikumpea mpeeni gari na muache kusaka Clout.

-@dngache: He can afford a new one instead. Sell it and help the zombies in Nrb as CSR. That said and done like other Kenyans, we shall move on swiftly!

-@nasirkenya: Ata kama u reduce it from 1m to 200k followers, do u really believe we love Kipchoge that much? We are Kenyans, we move on very swiftly. Vitu za last sato tumesahau.


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