Why Kenyans Now Hate ‘Selina’ Actress Brenda Wairimu

Brenda (Instagram)

In 2016, British actor Brenock O’Connor started receiving death threats and insults from crazy ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.

This was after his character ‘Olly’ lured Kit Harrington’s character ‘John Snow’ outside the walls and killed him alongside other members of the Night’s Watch.

The hate and threats he received are usually common when an actor takes up the role of a villain so well that it seems realistic. So lifelike, that fans are unable to differentiate between the actor and the character they portray.

Brenda Wairimu is now suffering from the Bronock-effect after she took up the role of Rosette a wicked and manipulative character in the wildly-popular TV Show ‘Selina’.

Brenda Wairimu as Rosette (Instagram)

She plays the role so well that some fans are leaving hateful messages on her comment section.

Check them out below:

k.y.a.l.a.2.5.4: Weee dada in real life huwa unabehave aje cx nikiishi na wewe I can even lock you in toilet

shumajay: Rossete ni vampire

winniwanjirugmail.com: That is acting but wah that character makes me think of you otherwise. Scary Brenda

1016olive: Are u really a human being or a 😈😈😈

Brenda Wairimu as Rosette (Instagram)

redy998: Muuwaji mkubwa hata humfai Nelson unaroho ya kinyama sana rozett😂😂

20h4 likesReply

Sandysandranitah: Si I hate rosette 😢 you seriously can bury selina alive

mumy__king_t: Nakuchukia jamani 😂😂😂 we ni mkatili loooh

072peris: Muuaji wewe….ckujua u this evil….go to hell

chantel_dory: Look at you😥😥I hate you

255_jack: crazy how i love u and hate you at the same time😩💕

graciousreel2014: Sikupendi we Dada mxiuuuu

charitiey: You are an amazing actress Brenda 🔥. We all hate Rosette.

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