8 Types of Women That Can Steal Your Husband

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There is a reason why they say marriage is work.

Not many couples survive the challenges and the temptations thrown their way. Many marriages have broken up because husbands leave their wives for another woman.

Here are some of the most dangerous women around your man.

House helps

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They say, ‘when the cat is away, the mice will play’. Many women have confessed that their house helps are the cause of divorce in their marriages. This can be caused by a number of reasons. First of all, men’s egos like to be stroked and when the wife nags, the house help offers him service. She cooks his food and cleans his clothes.

Where the wife could be his stress, the house help offers peace. She might not look as good as you do but every woman should be on the lookout.

Your single best friend

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Women are known to be their own worst enemies and the increased number of best friends snatching husbands does not help the situation.

Women are naturally attracted to stability and while you think your bestie is happy for you, she might just b taking points. Learn to know the difference and share only when needed.

It could happen to anyone so it’s important not to overshare details of your marriage.

Mwende the barmaid

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Mwende always has on the short tight skirt and serves your hubby all his alcoholic favourites. Mwende will do anything for a tip. She’ll be nice and even sit on his lap for show. Beware of Mwende, Mwende has your man tied around her little finger and calls all the shots.

Mwende is the viper you should be aware of. She knows all your man’s issues and is always there to give him a listening ear. Many men have left their wives for the barmaid, be very wary.

Campus Girls

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The rise in married sponsors and sugar daddies is alarming. Their ideal poison is a bunch of 20-something-year-old campus girls who are still ripe and broke. In exchange for a few trips outside the country and the latest fashion, these girls willingly give themselves to these old men. The rise in demand for sugar babies led to their increased supply. For the right price, it’s raining parted legs. They are the biggest husband snatchers today.

Mama nguo

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Because of the rise in career women, mama nguo’s have gotten more business than ever before. Sometimes however they get more than they bargained for. Mama nguo spends her time in your house bent over (washing clothes of course). It has been reported that the husbands entrusted to pay the bill demand for sexual favours in order to dish out the cash.

Office wife

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Your man spends most of his day in the office meaning he spends more time with colleagues than his family. This close interaction usually leads to situations where men get work wives. While it is just a name and has nothing to it, the relationship could escalate when he has to work late.

All of a sudden you will hear him claiming to have to sleep in the office and work late. Late nights smelling of a different perfume just means the office relationship found wings. These usually happen when a man is getting stress at home and would.

Ex-girlfriend from hell

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Don’t ever believe anyone saying they are completely over their ex-girlfriend while they text every day. Its a trap and you are the one in the clown’s suit. The ex-girlfriend will be where he runs to for a shoulder to lean on and soon she’ll be on top of him. It’s nothing new for them. Many people don’t even consider this cheating.

Internet slay queen

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The internet is the devil’s playground in this century what with the thousands of women posing semi-naked for likes. Many married men fall into this trap and can be found thirsting over these women in their DM’s.


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