Jaguar’s Baby Mama Flaunts Sexy Body After Giving Birth (Photos)

Jaguar’s baby mama Magda Ngima aka Mama Wambui is looking heavily snatched after losing her baby weight.

Magda who gave birth to her second-born recently owes her weight loss to exclusive breastfeeding, healthy eating and the gym.

Magda is among the increasing number of Kenyan celebrities who are sharing information on how they lost their baby weight.

‘Kitu Kimoja’ singer Avril recently disclosed that she lost weight through breastfeeding.

During a segment of Switch TV’s ‘Chat Spot’, Avril said “You know what happened, I gave birth to a baby boy who has been breastfeeding. I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby up to now he is 8 months still breastfeeding. I started weaning him at 6 months he loves his mashed bananas and bla bla bla but he still breastfeeds.”

“There is a whole science behind it, there is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin. So when it’s generated from the brain to the abdomen muscles it tells the body you need to contract… goes down and causes contractions and the contraction leave you snatched,” she explained.

Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude has lost 12 Kgs in 9 weeks through a healthy diet. She has already lost enough Kgs to achieve her pre-baby weight and is working to lose more. Mrs Kitili has been working with a nutritionist, leading to her massive weight loss.

Her loss of weight has even impressed her nutritionist who posted “Woooooooow. If you have been keen on my highlights then you know her. The lady with the white nail polish. My goodness. slow but sure transformations. We are not there yet but I feel so privileged to be working with her. We have already gotten to her pre-baby weight but have some more kgs to get to her desired weight. Mondays are for transformations and this one here is such an amazing transformation. I love how young she looks and her waist is to die for. Congratulations @aminamude on the 12kgs let’s work on the rest.”

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