Anerlisa Sparks Surgery Rumors After Flaunting Skinny Arms (Photo)

In 2018, Anerlisa Muigai disclosed that her biggest insecurity after her weight loss is her arms and that is why she never wears sleeveless clothes.

This admission came in a Q&A session with a fan who commented: “I want to see you in a sleeveless dress you are cute.”

Anerlisa replied with, “Never because my arms are ugly and I do not want to give you something to talk about.”

However, it seems that Anerlisa has a newfound confidence and recently showed her arms for the first time. However, fans are convinced that she has gone under the knife to achieve a toned look.

“People have been asking me what I did to shed some weight recently and to be honest I have been doing a weekly meal plan from my app,” Anerlisa divulged.

A revelation that has had a section of her fans dismissing her as a scammer because they don’t understand how she got rid of her flabby arms so fast.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Glorieh Ntoiti Johnson: This woman is crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣just few weeks ago she was adding a bit of weight and within a wk it’s all gone? How?

Damiana Achieng Osodo: Jameni within that short time🤔🤔🤔 Let me thinned by my own owada

Fioana Juliana: Hawa watu wakienda under the knife mbona wasiseme tu ukweli? We might need the doctor’s number

Doll Mbote- Fioana Juliana exactly, We follow hizo diet zao na haziwork for us. Honestly, we need the short cut pia

Evalyne Wambeaux: Dadangu amepeleka mikono wapi???

Florence Achieng: Burofkos. Why be uncomfortable with yourself and yet you have money?? My fren, money can buy everything we’re in 2019

Florence Nawat: Madness. What’s hard to own up what you did to your body. This rich people are so boring 😆

Shirley M Nestor: Tupee number ya daktari na uwache mambo ya link

Jamila Kamalwa Peter: Ilitolea the day she went to beverly hills and posted that pic akadelete 😜

Kerry Ceejay: She lying. She doesn’t even follow her own app

Christabel Amase: Kunona haimuachingi apumue ngoja tu one week 😂😂😂😂

Emy Lee:That visit to LA sometime back bore fruits🤭

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