Mama Ngina Waterfront Park Title Deed Out

Najib Balala, Tourism Cabinet Secretary

The revamped Mama Ngina Waterfront Park has been gazetted and issued with a title deed with the Cabinet Secretary National Treasury and Planning listed as the trustee and custodian of the park.

Speaking to the press after an inspection tour of the iconic site, Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala said the title deed will officially be handed over to the President during Mashujaa Day celebrations that will be held at the park.

Earlier today the CS unveiled a 12-member Mama Ngina Waterfront board to oversee the running and operations at the park with Brian Ondego as the board chair.

The board unveiled a logo that will be used as the trademark for the park with the initials representing Mama Ngina Waterfront Park from the previous Mama Ngina Drive or lighthouse as was formerly referred to.

“The Sh460 million iconic Mama Ngina Waterfront Park is nearing completion for the celebrations come October 20th,” Balala said.

Balala said the park, which sits on a 26-acre beach plot facing the Kilindini Crossing channel in Mombasa, will be an iconic tourist attraction site in Mombasa.

According to the project designs, the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park will be an integrated urban destination for tourism, culture, festivals, shopping, dining and relaxation.

Speaking during a routine progress inspection of the project, Balala said Mombasa residents must embrace the project.

“I’m optimistic that the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park will be an iconic tourist attraction Centre. It will boost the economy of Mombasa by the number of local and international tourists coming to the region,” said Balala.

The state-of-the-art project, which was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta on January 7, is primed to host this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations. Balala was accompanied by Tourism Principal Secretary Joe Okudo.

The project was initially supposed to be completed by 31 May but had to be delayed because of changes in design.

Balala said the works that are pending are mostly on the Presidential Square, which was not in the original design of the park.

“The promenade, the pigeon towers, the gates and the ablution block are ready. We have been receiving all the projects in the original design,” said Balala.

Mama Ngina Waterfront Park will have a capacity of 35,000 people, with the Presidential Square and its environs able to accommodate 25,000 people comfortably.

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