Kibe Finally Speaks After Being Arrested for Failing to Pay 2.5M in 7 Years

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Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe has finally opened up after being taken to court over an unpaid loan.

Unapologetic Kibe lamented about how he was publically embarrassed by his friend for failing to pay back his money and bloggers really enjoyed the whole drama.

According to him, having someone’s loan is not a big deal.

“Nilikuwa nimeshikwa am free now talk to me leteni maswali yote mlikuwa nayo kuwa na deni si kitu kubwa ata kuna country ziko na deni, lakini kunishika stesheni iyo nni ungwana kweli?” he said.

” I pray that you treat your friends with leniency coz iyo mbio imepelekwa na mtu i thought he was my friend, my friends nimeonyeshwa maneno so please treat your friends with leniency hata kama ako na deni yako isiwe ni kukufa ama kukata na shoka be easy otherwise shall we have any friend any more.”


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Unpaid Loan

Kibe is said to have originally borrowed Ksh.215,000 from a former colleague but failed to pay. According to court documents seen by Citizen Digital reveal that the said colleague is Joshua Ichang’i Weru.

Weru reportedly loaned Kibe the money seven years ago, to be paid back within 18 days. At the time, the two agreed on Ksh.55,000 as interest.

“Failure to complete the above contractual obligation by 28/02/2012 incurs an additional penalty of 7.5 percent in the above-mentioned interest for every four days exceeded from the disclaimer date,” court papers read.

However, the loan accumulated over the years and now stands at Ksh.2.5 million.

On Wednesday, Weru asked the court to demand that Kibe repays the money that was loaned to him including accrued interest.

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