Hotel Owners Urged to Keep Records of Visitors

              Busia County Commissioner, Jared Narengo

Hoteliers in Busia County have been advised to keep records and scan Identity cards and passports of their visitors.

Speaking to the hotel owners during a security meeting in Busia town on Tuesday, Busia County commissioner Jacob Narengo said such documents are very important for investigations in cases of criminal activities.

“We should not leave anything to chance,” he said adding that a number of young girls were found being trafficked to Nairobi last year.

Narengo also said the owners need to train trusted staff to be able to detect suspicious characters within their premises.

“Our security officers are available and are willing to conduct a security appraisal of your facilities,” he said adding that the facilities should also have medics to offer first aid in case of emergencies.

He further said that hoteliers should be wary of generous clients out to tip their employees arguing that they risked being used as spies by terrorists.

The County Commissioner pointed out that it is the role of the National Government officers to ensure that all the local residents are sensitized on matters security.

“You also need to have first aid kits and label signage within your facilities,” he said adding that training manuals will be issued to them by security officers.

Narengo reminded hotel owners to request for security whenever they have large gatherings in their facilities.

“As citizens, you should be proactive in volunteering information concerning security,” he said adding that government security machinery always takes the blame in case of insecurity.

Busia County Police Commander John Nyoike on his part urged hoteliers to vet their employees before recruiting them noting that most of the hotels do not frisk or screen visitors before gaining entry in their facilities.

He urged the hoteliers to ensure that their security guards are trained on frisking and issue visitors with identification tags for ease of identity while at their premises.

The Director of Farmview hotel John Kubebea cited physical security as the main challenge to the local hoteliers. He pointed out that most hoteliers did not have screening gadgets and proposed that they are allowed to import them duty-free through the umbrella of the hotel owners association.

He stated that there were no security and safety drills for hoteliers across the County hence the need to organize training for every Sub County.

“Concerning the security guards, the government has approved the law to arm the private security, but I want to propose that the hotel should be entrusted with the management of the guns,” he said adding that if left in the hands of the guards, they can be misused.

“We also want to request your team to help us develop a training, room procedure, and emergency manual for our staff,” he said.

The forum brought together the County Security team, Anti-Terrorism Police Unit Officers and hotel owners with a view to improving security within hotels.

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