Hilarious Videos of Men Twerking Better Than Ladies That Broke the Internet

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There is a new trend that stems from an idea of individualism and freedom of choice which encourages people to do what they want with their bodies.

If this means that they post nude photos online or jumping on to sexually suggestive dance move (twerk).

Twerk dance move which first originated from Jamaica has been a feminist issue for the longest time, however, this rare species of men have broken the norm and decided to show off what their mama gave them.


These guys left many tongues wagging after their twerking videos hit the internet.

Most of them twerk in their inner wears only.


Making it easy for them to wine waist and shake their booty.

Harmonize twerking 😅😅

Posted by Nairobi Gossip Club on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

These twerking men have left many questioning their sexual stand.


Twerking is often described as sexually provocative.

The dance requires one to shake their booty up and down in order to arouse their sexual desire.

In a club where people dance solo, twerk, move their ass, move their body, they are creating sexual energy.


And some people in that room might be going home together, others might just want to be a part of that energy and then go home to their cozy bed, alone.




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