5 Things Kenyan Women Can Learn From Kamene Goro’s Failed Marriage

Kamene Goro has been very candid about her short-lived marriage to a mysterious Tanzanian Tycoon. Miss Goro tied the knot about 3 years ago in a civil ceremony, a marriage that lasted for about 1 year after dating the man for four years.

And in her story, there a few lessons Kenyan women can pick from it:

 1. Don’t get married too young

While it’s good to find your soul mate young, take your time to enjoy your twenties, travel and know yourself before settling down.

Kamene Goro got hitched at the tender age of 24 to a man that was old enough to be her dad, someone who had already enjoyed his youth to the fullest. Unfortunately, things did not work out.

 2. Money is not everything

 During a segment on Kiss 100, Kamene revealed that she could be celebrating her third anniversary this year but she is glad she dodged a bullet because she would not be happy even with her man’s cash.

 “Today would have been my third anniversary in marriage. I was to get married on this day three years ago but I dodged the bullet. I would have been miserable today. I would have been in Tanzania right now with a lot of money even if I was not working, but miserable and not able to live my dream,” she revealed.

 3. Age is just a number, it doesn’t equal to maturity 

The man may have been older than Kamene but he was pretty childish when he decided to dump her via a Whatsapp call. Kamene disclosed that she was at the French Embassy when she received the WhatsApp call ending their marriage.

“He broke up with me via WhatsApp. He couldn’t even spend his money to break up with me,” she said in an interview on Upclose With Betty.

 4. Walk away before things escalate

 In an interview with a local magazine Kamene revealed that the man cheated on her and even infected her with an STI and at some point, she even contemplated suicide.

“My marriage lasted for about 1 year but we had been together for four years. We had been a civil wedding and were planning a destination one. He was a serial cheat and I busted him a couple of times. I moved to Tanzania to be with him but there was a time he got me sick and I had to come to Nairobi for treatment…Towards the end of my marriage, I was depressed. I popped about 70 sleeping pills to end it all,” she confessed to True Love Magazine.

 5. Keep your relationship off social media

Posting your relationship on social media opens you up to scrutiny. During her relationship, Kamene was heavily criticized for dating a man way older than her who was derogatorily referred to as her ‘fossil’. This kind of undue pressure can put a damper on a relationship.

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