Weru TV Ceo’s Side Dish in Trouble for Allegedly Using Baby’s Money to Drink

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Weru TV CEO John Marete has hit the headlines once more after his mpango wa kando, Liz Kimani, was exposed by her baby daddy for allegedly using the money sent to her for child support to drink and make foreign trips.

Gida Kabunyi, who is the baby daddy, shared tweets claiming how he always sends money for child support but never allowed to see the kid.

He narrated how Liz always spend the money in bars only for her to wake up in the morning claiming that the child is unwell, expecting more to be sent to her.

This comes after the two were exposed by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. Marete was said to be grooving with Liz for business favors.

“Grapevine is he is always seen hanging out in Westy with a lady called Liz Kimani of Carat Media who sources claim that she has helped him gain a lot of favor at Carat Media and is always directing and influencing all business for the Meru region to him, ” an anonymous source told Nyakundi.


Frustrated with the evil deeds of Liz, Kabunyi shared several tweets exposing her. Check them below;

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