Kiambu Deputy Governor Reveals How Waititu Swindled Hospitals Fund

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro addressing the media in May at Boulevard Hotel, Nairobi.File.

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro has exposed how his embattled boss Ferdinand Waititu swindled funds meant for hospital development.

According to Nyoro, millions of shillings were misused through expenditures which were missing on the budget allocations.

Documents presented before the Auditor General indicates that the county received Ksh338 million from the national government specifically for hospitals developments.

However, only Ksh105 million was used appropriately raising eyebrows on where the rest went to.

The documents further allege that a total of Ksh433 million were the monies suspected to have been misappropriated.

According to Nyoro,  Kiambu Level 4 Hospital received Ksh65 million while Thika Level 5 Hospital was given Ksh40 million of the sum used appropriately.

“We collected about Ksh900 million from hospitals, from patients, only Ksh450 million was returned as Facility Improvement Facility (FIF) to the hospitals. The balance Ksh450 million we don’t know where it is,” said Nyoro.

The documents further reveal that contracts worth Ksh3.1 billion, meant for road constructions in the county, were issued to 11 contractors yet there were no budget allocations.

The auditors are expected to complete their investigations in three weeks time before they release their final report.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu(left) and his deputy James Nyoro(right)

Nyoro, took over the mantle of leadership on July 30 after Governor Waititu was dragged to court over corruption allegations.

After he took over the leadership, the deputy governor promised to seal all corruption loopholes in the county.

“Today I have chaired my first Cabinet meeting and this is expected to continue in the next few days. The idea is to ensure service delivery and implement projects that we find important to Kiambu residents.

I want to assure Kiambu residents that there is no power vacuum and no services will be interrupted. We are in office as long as the governor is away,” said Dr Nyoro.

The two, despite teaming up to oust former Kiambu governor William Kabogo, have had a rocky relationship with both side trading accusations n several occasions.

In May, while addressing the press at Boulevard Hotel in Nairobi,  Nyoro said Kiambu County risked losing Sh10 billion budgetary allocation from Central Bank if it couldn’t account for funds.

This is after the governor was questioned over budget allocations on vote heads belonging to the national government.

“Waititu’s claim that he is not aware of how the allocations found their way into the documents are untrue because he ought to have had gone through the documents before signing them,” said Nyoro.

He also called on his boss to provide answers to questions raised by  Members of the County Assembly and the Senate.


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