Citizen TV Reporter Opens Up After Embarrassing Nyoro Arrest Video

Citizen TV Reporter Victor Kinuthia during a past function

Citizen TV reporter, Victor Kinuthia, opened up after he was trolled over the embarrassing coverage during the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

Victor, on Monday, evening left the audience in shock and laughter after he appeared confused and unprepared during the live link.

The Inooro reporter, on Tuesday, through a Facebook post, stated that he almost gave up when he found out that he was trending on social media platforms.

However, he indicated that his sentiments changed after he received texts from his bosses and fans motivating him.

“I almost gave up when I found myself trending after yesterday’s 9 pm news,” read part of the post.

Citizen TV reporter Victor Kinuthia’s post after being trolled

During the prime time coverage of the matter, the reporter seemed uncomfortable when delivering the information in English and had trouble with his earpiece throughout the moment.

later, top journalists openly came out to offer support to Victor and termed the trolling unfair.

Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara condemned the Kenyans who trolled Victor for appearing confused during the coverage of the arrest of the MP.

The tough-talking Okwara stated that it was the young reporter’s first time to cover breaking news and that he should be given time to get better.

“It was his first time. He will get better with time.

“We all start somewhere. We will train him,” remarked the senior journalist.

Citizen TV Anchor Yvonne Okwara

Okwara’s sentiments were backed by fellow colleague, Francis Gachuri, who gave his full support to the reporter and revealed that the young man was not accustomed to reporting in the English language.

Gachuri pointed out that the full-time Inooro TV journalist was courageous to tackle the challenge on short notice.

“I stand with Victor. For a full-time young Inooro TV correspondent to take up the challenge and try out an English live link on prime time TV is courage,” tweeted Gachuri.

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