Outrage Emerge After Girl Aged 14 Was Forced to Marry 63 Year Old Man

Girl allegedly married off to old man.

A post by John Wangwe on Facebook has sparked uproar among social media users after its details indicated that a class seven girl, aged 14, was forced to marry a 63-year-old man.

According to Wangwe, Nadhif Noor’s education was cut short in favor of the marriage without considering her rights as a minor.

Besides, the girl allegedly underwent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) before being offered to her designated husband.

“Ironically, so she won’t be Nadhif (pure) again, nor will she become Noor (light). Her paths have been dimmed by forced marriage to a 63-year-old man. Her innocence stolen away with night FGM, then the wedding,” wrote Wangwe on his Facebook post.

Reportedly, Noor was to be registered for 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, which began on September 2, but her academic dreams were aborted by the marriage.

“Her dreams change from when I grow up I’d like to be a teacher, to drive, to go to the university, to work, to have own money, to something like, when I grow up, I’d like my daughters to be protected more than I was., my daughters to marry people they love, and to live free from pains of FGM,” added Wangwe.

Devastatingly, as her age group continue to sharpen their minds for their dream careers, Noor is set to be the 6th wife to the old man.

However, the post did not indicate the name of the man who married the minor plus the details of the location in which the incident took place.

By the time of writing this, Wangwe had not responded to our message regarding further details of the case.

Hundreds of Kenyans expressed their disapproval on the act with the majority citing laws guarding the minor against such incidences.

Female Genital Mutilation is illegal in Kenya with the rightful age for anyone to marry or get married standing at 18 years.

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