Adelle Onyango Reveals Why She Publicly Embarrassed Jalang’o

Adelle Onyango reveals why she publicly embarassed Jalang’o
Adelle Onyango reveals why she publicly embarrassed Jalang’o (Instagram)

Former Kiss 100 presenter Adelle Onyango recently left Milele FM radio host Jalang’o red-faced after blasting him on social media.

It all started with a post that Jalang’o shared in a bid to promote Adelle’s show PursePective.

Adelle’s PursePective

Adelle’s PursePective (Instagram)

Sharing a photo he took with Adelle, Jalang’o wrote: “Few moons ago with le siz @adelleonyango…she will be hosting me soon on her new project #perspective.”

However, his support was unwelcome as Adelle swiftly and publicly embarrassed him by not only correcting his grammar but also making it clear that he was not welcome to her show.

“1st it’s PursePective. 2ndly I haven’t invited you so please don’t allude to that. I still believe you have a very TOXIC view on FEMICIDE that I absolutely will not amplify on my platform,” read Adelle’s caustic response.

The exchange (Instagram)

Miss Adelle has now explained why she decided to go HAM on Jalang’o publicly when she had a choice to slide into his DMS and tell him off privately.

“You remember the story of Ivy Wangechi? A young girl who was hacked earlier this year which was one of the very many cases of femicide which were talked about in the media. I remember that time he went to his Instagram page and posted a photo that was written karma and telling women to stop taking money and gifts from men. First and foremost before I go to the issue in that messaging, Ivy had not been buried. Respect to the family first, you know what I mean? You can imagine what they are going through,” she said during an interview on NTV.

 Adelle (Instagram)
Adelle (Instagram)

Adelle then went on to add, “Secondly, femicide is a reality many women in the world are dealing with so we cannot say its karma. So for me when it comes to PursePective it’s a safe space where people need to unlearn certain truths that are extremely toxic, truths that justify murder. No! It’s a matter of life and death its not a PR thing, we cannot move along like its normal for women to be killed.”

Jalang’o on Ivy Wangechi’s murder

A few months ago the radio personality took to Instagram and issued some ‘advice’ to ladies following Ivy Wangechi’s brutal murder.

“I think it’s time we became honest with each other….Too many young beautiful girls are dying some of the saddest deaths you can’t wish for someone’s daughter! It is time we discussed this issue! Rule one! No man gives any woman anything for free! Yes, I said it! Men can we tell them this! Even your dad takes you to school so that at old age and when he can’t provide for himself he will depend on you! So my sister before you take any money from any man just ask them what they want in return and if you can’t offer what they want, RETURN IT! SIMPLE DO NOT PROMISE WHAT YOU CAN’T DELIVER! People work soo hard for their money my sister! Do not exchange lies for a man’s hard-earned money!” read part of his post.

Do not promise what you can’t deliver!- Jalas (Instagram)
Do not promise what you can’t deliver!- Jalas (Instagram)

His post rubbed Adelle the wrong way and she quickly corrected him by saying that his sentiments were ‘ignorant’ and ‘reckless’.

“This is quite ignorant and reckless. So we must adjust to tolerate murderers? Women have been murdered because of saying NO (something they have the right to say at any moment) and you say this? 37 women since January killed – FEMICIDE and you say this. It’s exhausting – constantly being told to keep safe because men have decided to be killers! Every woman will tell you how they have to adjust everyday actions just so that they don’t suffer the aggression of men. There is no difference between your train of thought and those that justify rape because they bought drinks. (They too claim drinks to be an “investment”) Don’t teach us how to avoid getting killed – tell them not to kill us, attack us, rape us,” wrote Adelle.

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