Times Tom and Jerry prepared men for adulthood and they all thought it was funny

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Competing for love is a stupid thing to do, once a lady puts you in a position where you have to compete, just run for your life. Inasmuch as your man wants to spend his hard-earned money on you, it’s important you have an ambition of making your own money and not just depend solely on your man. Be a little independent. 

The common belief amongst most men today is that true love doesn’t exist and that no woman is willing to date a man without money and a reliable stream of income. Most modern women believe life without money, it’s almost impossible to have a happy and fun relationship.

How do you go on vacations? How do you buy presents and gifts? Who pays for dates when you go out? A broke man certainly can’t afford to do these things, hence most women run away from them. Tom and Jerry will forever be memorable in our lives, the cartoon that made us laugh till our hearts hurt.

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Below are times when Tom and Jerry prepared men on matters love and the future.

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