Kenyans Blast Anne Waiguru for Spreading Fake News

Anne Mumbi Waiganjo/ PHOTO COURTESY

Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Mumbi, has been blasted for spreading fake news that a majority of Nyeri MCAs have rejected the ‘Punguza Mizigo’ draft bill.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Waiguru claimed that Mt. Kenya region is in full support of the BBI initiative and that ‘Punguza Mzigo’ is doomed to fail following its rejection in Nyeri.

“As I’ve said before, Mt Kenya is fully in support of BBI as evidenced today in Nyeri where the bill presented by Ekuru Aukot has been rejected by the whole assembly. Nyeri County has set the precedence, other counties are most likely to follow. These are signs of the times ahead,” Waiguru tweeted.

However, Waiguru’s sentiments have turned out to be fake news after the Nyeri County Assembly Speaker Kaguchia John denied claims that the assembly rejected Punguza Mizigo.

” Daily Nation this is unfortunate and irresponsible reporting of a media house of this caliber. As the speaker of the Nyeri County Assembly, I can authoritatively confirm that we have not yet debated on Punguza Mzigo bill. We have had an informal conversation with Dr Aukot but not debating the bill. Withdraw this remark and give Nyeri County an opportunity to do public participation and to freely debate this bill and take a decision that will be well informed without any pressure,” Kaguchia stated.

The Nation ran a story about claiming that the assembly had rejected Aukot’s bill had been rejected by MCAs. But the speaker claims this could be a scheme to undermine the county assembly.

And now Kenyans are questioning if Waiguru has turned into a source of fake news.


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