Boy-child under Siege! KOT Roast ‘Power couple’ over ugly public humiliation

Adrian and Maumauzdaughter Photo: Courtesy

The beginning of a new relationship sets the foundation for the success or failure of that relationship. When the new relationship starts on a good foundation, then it becomes easier to forge a stronger relationship. However, if the new relationship starts off badly then the relationship might never make it too far.

On Tuesday, Twitter was on fire after a couple that met and dated while under KOTs watch, broke up a month after a mega proposal. None of us will ever know exactly what happened so it’s not our place to judge, but the couple seems to be going through the most right now. Kenyans however, did not take it well, with a majority defending the guy (Adrian) and others crucifying the lady maumauzdaughter.

Adrian and Maumauzdaughter Photo: Twitter

Adrian who we assume is the victim, had refrained from the entire push and shove, only to make a comeback, in what seemed a defence on his ex. Many have speculated that the lady had abused him by displaying all their dirty linen in public, forcing hin into unwanted humiliation and ridicule from Kenyans.

Do you think what Maumauzdaughter did would be termed as abuse? Here were some reactions.

Social media is no doubt a positive addition to the great things technology has brought us. It has helped us in communicating, and having fun, but there are a lot of bad people who lurk behind different social media profiles looking to scam and defraud unsuspecting people.

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