Cheat Sheet! Why Kenyan men should take their lady for swimming on the first date

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Every woman has the kind of man she appreciates but there are some types of men that most women. Everyone looks forward to the first date because they wish to impress their partner in the best way they know-how.

Some people are easy going and don’t take things too personally while going for a first date. They will show up and have a great time no matter where they are meeting their date, whether it’s at a high-class restaurant or a dingy bar somewhere in the city.

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On the other hand, others will take a first date like an exam. They prepare in advance like its a test and they are going to be graded. Their clothes must be right, they will prepare questions to ask. They are basically on point as to how they want to appear at the date which gets some excited.

A few men have however identified that with the modern-day inventions, ladies are likely to dupe them on the first date. Kenyan ladies, in particular, are now hiding their true nature through make-up and this is having most men devise a strategy on how to tell whether whatever a lady has is true or fake.

Ladies, do you think this is a clever move?

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