Diana Marua leaves hospital in a motorcade of luxurious cars (Video)

Gospel singer Bahati Kenya has proved to be the most caring father to his children and the most loving husband to his wife Diana Marua.

The couple welcomed a newborn a week ago at RFH hospital in Ruai and Bahati has been a frequent visitor at the hospital since his wife was admitted there.

Instagram Courtesy; Bahati helping Diana With the baby

When the day to leave the hospital came, Bahati gave his wife the mother of all surprises by hiring a fleet of luxurious cars to escort his wife and baby Majesty home.

Taking to social media, Diana shared pictures of the rare convoy thanking her husband for the special treat. Diana said that she could not figure out how their wedding would be if a mere discharge from maternity was that hyped.

Instagram; Diana Marua leaving RFH Hospital with a convoy


😇 When Hubby Bahatikenya ensured I got nothing but the best 😭❤ My admission at RFH Hospital rfh_healthcare was like being on a vacay away from home. Far beyond my expectations thanks to their amazing staff who did nothing but ensure my prince MAJESTYBAHATI 👑 and I received A1 treatment at affordable rates with Exceptional Services… I’ll be coming back again, not to deliver (Well, never say Never) 🙈 but for MJ’s clinic visits 😁 I actually extended my stay by a day… yes I said it 🤫💃 Babe. 

Thank you for the convoy surprise  🙆‍♀️ from lesusexecutive to get us home, sasa sijui siku ya wedding yetu utafanya nini coz you’ve done it all 😥🥰 You really go the extra mile to make feel like the Queen I am to you. You have done sooo much and you continue to amaze me everyday. Our Babies and I are Blessed to have you in our lives. Just incase I don’t tell you enough times, I want you to always and forever know that I appreciate you saaaannnaaa!! LOVE YOU BABA MJ 💙

She also shared a video showing the events as they happened citing that it was favour from God that made her enjoy a comfortable homecoming.

Kenyans React

The post has attracted a myriad of reactions ranging from excitement to jealousy with some even cautioning Diana against showing off.

qgaljackson: Mmmmmmmmm heri nyinyi but you guys are too much
wandia_wadz: Where on earth do we find this men🔥🔥🔥👏

asteriaeliza: diana_marua this kind of show off u have one dei itakugeuka ushangae.don’t forget mama Mueni was a lady like u,very beautiful with a beautiful daughter but where is she today.don’t count itself special than her that thing between the legs is just the same and that Bahati is the same boy he hasn’t changed.learn to differentiate between private and public life,sio wote wanakuona mitandaoni wanakutakia mazuri.take it for free or u block me
6h12 likesReply

khaligraph.jones_: Baha ni bwana na 3 quarters🔥🔥

mugdee: Wonderful but tell him to use that money to buy a car seat

ryvinexavi: So who’s a baby in this case💁💁 Bahati au Majesty😂😂 anyway congratulations🙌🙌

mkeruoya: Wapi safety ya mtoto? Baby car seat is very important. Ope all Kenyan parents that drive know that. Anyway congrats and God bless

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