Kenyan men spark up debate on Social Media as to why they cannot marry single mothers


Single mothers can be highly unappreciated sometimes. From the hardships they face to all the social prejudice and judgement they suffer through as women single mothers often find themselves at the recieving end of  a lot of backlash.

Most men are scared of marrying single mothers. Out of ten men, two will choose a single mother. Men can date them, pretend they are interested in marriage but take off when it’s time to say I do. Of course, many will pretend that they were genuine and truly wanted to marry them. But we all know that that is just plain bullshit.

Recently, a heated debate by a Faebooker emerged. The person whom we can only assume to be man stated that any man who marries a woman with kids must be psychologically impaired.

Kenyans took to their social media with some in agreement while others differed on the situation.

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