How Wanted billionaire Humphrey Kariuki is playing ‘hide and seek’ with detectives

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The manhunt for the reclusive billionaire Humphrey Kariuki has turned to be a game of ‘hide and seek.’ The business tycoon has successfully avoided various traps laid by detectives.

Detectives had tracked him to a London address by Sunday night. He is said to have flown to the UK from Mozambique on Thursday last week. Kariuki is rumoured to be planning to fly out to Cyprus Islands where he is a citizen.

The search operation has been hampered by the fact that Kariuki’s name does not stand out in public. Despite being a billionaire, the businessman has kept a low profile and only a few people can identify him in a crowd.

Prosecutors have now resolved to seek an international arrest warrant for Kariuki to be handed back to Kenya where he faces a Ksh.41 billion tax evasion case.

The Director of Criminal Investigation is also seeking to repossess Kariuki’s wealth including a five-star hotel in Nanyuki, a multi-billion shilling mall in Nairobi, private planes and more than 80 high ends vehicles registered under his name.

Kariuki, whose company is accused of manufacturing substandard alcohol, has described himself in various interviews as a “first-generation serial entrepreneur.”

From a 10-child household in Nyeri, Kariuki grew up to build one of the biggest business empires in Kenya. Authorities now say part of the foundation that his business was built on cannot stand against scrutiny.



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