Pedophile? KOT Leaves No Stone Unturned On Joe Mwangi- Wendy Relationship


The debate about Wendy Waeni’s manager took another turn after Kenyans started questioning finer details on the relationship between Wendy and Joe Mwangi.

Taking to Twitter one Joseph Kimonyi posed a question to the public seeking to know how Joe related with Waeni while traveling with her to Various destinations. This came after the young talented acrobat revealed that she traveled to Rwanda, China, Germany to perform. Joseph doubts Joe’s morals suggesting that he could have sexually abused the minor.

Only God knows what else this Joe Mwangi has done to Wendy Waeni. Does he travel with this kid alone? Where do they sleep when they jet out of the country? #JKLive@fidakenya @NPSOfficial_KE

Joseph tweeted


Kimonyi’s post sparked Social media as KOT who shared the same thoughts as Joseph came out expressing their doubt on Wendy Waeni-Joe Mwangi relationship. Others suggested that Wendy should be questioned by Protective Custody to find out if Joe had some morals left with him after coning her.

Beatrice Akinyi; The guy is a pedophile. The kid should be taken into Protective custody and questioned.

René Mulupi ; I really fear…

Hellen Wakamwe;  Replying to @jkimonyi My exact thoughts!
Mwari; @This has really disturbed me. I began to ask numerous questions after she spoke.

Amb.Maryam Omar🇰🇪🇹🇿🇺🇬.; Replying to @jkimonyi This is what i always thought. I even asked him on Instagram who she was to him, He said he is her big brother!!.. It is very sad to know that they are not siblings and has been using her for long!!.. Why was she allowed in the first place to go alone with him??

Image result for yeah sure gif

Vivianne Bii; My thoughts too!!very sad!

Bazenga; KOT leave no stone unturned


Grace Ndungu; My worries too..

Barak Le’Manono; Let’s just leave it here..If you go into details I am afraid we might unravel stuff that will me make us die of heart attack.

Image result for it is scary gif

Wanjiru N; As a mother, I don’t see how I could ever let my young daughter travel with a strange man alone. Even some relatives cannot be trusted. This is scary and shameful.

Lydiah Nyairabu; Though I cannot trust anyone with my

MorenaMwix; True, we need answers to such questions, he might have done much more than just the money laundering




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