‘Bure kabisa!’Greedy MPs trolled for their multi-million trip to US

Photo: Members of the National Assembly/courtesy

Kenyans are heartbroken. The feeling of nationalism and loyalty is fading away due to MPs greed.

The Parliament is this week expected to spend millions to pay for the flights and accommodation of a delegation of 85 legislators and members of staff.

The delegate of 85 lawmakers is the largest in the world to attend a dubious legislative assembly in Nashville,Tennessee.

The commissioner of Revenue allocation states that the speakers earn sh.75,000 as subsistence allowance for their US trip, MPs are paid sh.65,000 and MCAs, sh,42,000 daily.

A round trip business class ticket on the national carrier Kenya Airways costs about sh. 587,000 from Namibia to Nashville International Airport and about sh.355,000 for economy class.

An average hotel in Nashville goes for sh.15,000 and sh.30,000. And most of the legislators are spending an entire week in Nashville. Just imagine the cost the country will incur.

This multi-million trip comes when the government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to cut down on foreign trips. Maybe it was the normal empty talk.

This has attracted sharp criticism from a section of online community who have deeply expressed their disappointment on the MPs.

An agitated Facebook user by the name Ngugi Kimotho is advocating for Punguza Mzigo Bill sponsored by Thirdway Alliance led by Ekuru Aukot to end this perennial problem of greedy MPs.

Most of the citizens are venting their regrets with hearts bleeding how they voted in greedy MPs who have zero sense of humanity. They only ride on their selfish agendas.

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