Exposed! DJ Mo’s Alleged ‘Baby Mama’ Appears

DJ Mo, Ladasha and alleged twins. PHOTO/COURTESY

When they say that everything done in darkness shall be brought into the light, it is never a lie! Is it true that the well-known gospel DJ Samuel Muraya, Alias DJ Mo, the one and only husband to now Pastress Size -8,  would abandon his own blood?

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DJ Mo and his wife Size 8. PHOTO/COURTESY

It has emerged that, apart from baby Ladasha, DJ Mo has twins with another baby mama, whom he allegedly abandoned. A lady by the name Carol Nduta shared photos of twin beautiful girls who have a shockingly close semblance to DJ Mo and his daughter Ladasha Belle on social media with captions:

ata kaa tulitengwa tusha grow through God Grace (translated Despite the fact that we were abandoned, through God’s grace we have grown).


After the lady shared the picture, Netizens could not help but see how the twins resembled DJ Mo. Just like Ladasha, the two take after DJ Mo.

They even made a photo collage of the twins and Ladasha and the striking semblance is what took social media by storm. Some trolled DJ Mo while others scorned at Size 8, who has always claimed that the celebrity DJ is a faithful hubby to her.

A closer look at the three girls tells that they are almost the same age, but it is not possible to determine when the picture was taken. However, the twins appear to be a little bit older than Ladasha.

Read what Netizens are saying:

Shiku Liz
DJ moo hakuna haja ya DNA waah

Mtoto Mvumilivu Salim Salim
For real they look like him but I don’t think it’s wise to post the kids

Lilian Barrie Hunt
Na hii udaku haitaki uvivu…waah! Hii ni copyright

Monic Miano
someone comup with the song ,”there’s power power in the blood of Jesus”..and i believe there’s also power in the blood of a man…Yeeessss …😎

Shiku Polly Paulyne Mungai
Woi bt akulinde Toto wengi wetu tulilengwa pia na tushamake it in life…..size 8 asione hii

Anne Msupa
Haki sijui kwanini mtu akiruka mtoto wake uwa anafanana kweli ona haka karembo Sasa wamefanana Kama shilling ata nilikua nashangaa mtoto wa size8 amekuaje haraka

Perps Darlies
Holly molly!!!! Huyu hata hatuhitaji DNA

Lilian Lee
Waaaa. They look soo again. Aki asijaribu kukana cz they luk together with him

Githae Esther Nyambura
cheeeei…I thot ni wambo…😨😨they look again..

Mukami Wa Thuo
Somebody screenshot for him please😂😂

Liz Mia
Waaaaaa anafanana na wambo

Chiroh Chaniz
Hahaha kube pia yeye ni sperm donor uuuiii

Sharon Ngumbao
mbona na private account ama hujiamini I want to tag size 8 akuje aone co-wife

Iryn Hamsa
Hawa n twins or n 1 person but size8reborn come see thiss oooh

Nyamburah Mtoto Wa Rasta
They r beautiful… Photocopy ya moh

Joan Peres
Oh these are Djmoo’s copyright .. HAPA hakuna kuruka.. And they look well

Betty Mugo
Why do some people rejoice in breaking other’s marriages..if you know you messed up why can’t you keep your trash covered?

Nyanjom Judy Nya-Joyala

Who told you every pregnancy is a mess up? What peace should a sperm donor have in marriage? Let it break and crush into powder.

Betty Mugo
Dragging someone’s husband in social media is not ethical..he has a reputation and family to protect.

Waish Njosh Wainash
Copyright😍😍 where is size 8 who always yap that DJ mph have never cheated me 🚮🚮

Amilla Sammie
Kwa hivo kando na kueneza gospel ana kazi ingine ya kueneza utamu na mbegu za waschana? But haikai ukweli

This is not the first time DJ Mo has been linked to having multiple Baby mamas. Two years ago, it was alleged he fathered Pierra Makena’s baby, but he dismissed the claims.

Size 8 and Pierra Makena's daughters
Pierra Makena’s Baby, DJ Mo, and Ladasha. PHOTO/COURTESY


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