Dear Kenyan parents, there are some things you just don’t say to your child

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Parenting is an extreme sport.

I mean, you have to deal with all the terrible influences on your child on TV and Radio. People giving you unsolicited advice about how you should raise your child among a host of other things. Did you know that you are the number one person who can scar your child for life? Words hurt, and there are things you should just never, ever say to your child.

1. I do everything for you

This statement leaves no room for your child to be angry or sad. Also, this is so not true. They will think “Well, mommy does everything for me, so who am I to be angry at her? “. This is an incredibly unhealthy way of stifling your child’s emotions with no outlet for it and this is a recipe for disaster.

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2. You’re getting fat

First of all… Wauuuu sis, really? Ok then. Overweight or obese kids can benefit from nutritional changes and being physically active which is something you can instigate as a parent. Also calling your kid fat instigates body shame and unhealthy body issues. Here is a piece of advice. No.

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3. Stop crying

So you’ve had a bad day and your kid is probably fussing about something. If we do not tell adults to stop crying then why are we always telling kids not to cry? We should let kids know that it is important to feel your feelings as this healthy and very much a part of being a human being.

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4. It’s not a big deal

Sigh. Wow. Stuff may not be a big deal to you, but your kid is a whole other person with their own emotions. Can they just prosper? Can they? This statement invalidates their emotions and shames them into not expressing themselves. Kids who keep secrets can start keeping huge secrets like sexual abuse among other things. Let your kids express themselves freely.

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Na hii iwe funzo sis. Don’t just speak to your child however you feel like speaking to them.

Tell us in the comments about some things you wish your parents had never said to you as a child.

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