Here’s what he’s really upto when he’s standing you up


There you are again. All dressed up and looking at a text saying he’s standing you up. He’s canceling on you…again. A lot of times this isn’t just a case of scheduling gone awry, there’s more to the story. Here are five things that are going on if he’s canceling all the time.

1. An innocent case of being a total workaholic
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He’s told you a lot about his job. Chances are it is of the utmost importance to him. If things magically keep cropping up, Monday through Saturday that keeps changing the date of your elusive date in Westie, he might love work. A lot. More than he’ll ever love you. This could be a real sign of a workaholic in action.

2. Family issues keep popping up

No, this isn’t a case of a great aunt in the hospital. This is more of a case of his kid’s primary school graduation is actually this Saturday and he forgot to mention it. Or mention his kid. Or mention his wife of six years.

Ask yourself honestly. Does he only want to meet up on early Sunday afternoons? That magical hour right after church when meetings and lunches take place? Odds are he can never do anything at the same time school is letting out.

3. His boys are more important than you’ll ever be
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Fatma Mwangi: “This guy had a habit of canceling plans last minute and then finding out he was just hanging out with his boys like all the time. I would even bump into him in the club sometimes, like dude!”

This will start to be a problem real quick. Instead of ever spending time with you, he’s always going to choose to do Kenya Cane shots with boys at some local off Ngong Road. Save yourself some trouble, if he’s canceling on you now for his squad from uni, let him go on his way.

4. The ‘brokeness’ is real

If he’s canceled on you several times it could be because he’s suffering a condition known as being broke as hell. There’s a worse condition, however, called being ‘unemployed’. To test this, schedule a date on the first weekend of the month. When that text canceling comes in you might just have a situation where he’s living at home and playing FIFA 12 hours a day; all the while smoking up and wondering why his wallet lies empty and flaccid on the table.

5. A sure thing just texted
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Here’s an interesting fact about guys, a lot of us are just looking for a quick hit and will cancel plans to get it.

As such, a lot of guys are willing to settle when the sure thing around the corner texts saying she’s just around the corner.

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