Not enough? What it means when a woman pleasures herself just after ‘getting some’

What every woman wants after rounds and rounds of sex, is to feel satisfied and fulfilled. A woman won’t hesitate to tell you how the sex was. Besides, it’s pretty evident by her facial expressions. If you know your man doesn’t do the deed the way he should, then you should probably find an alternative. So here are a few reasons women masturbate after sex.

1. Excitement

Some women are still so excited,  that they still have to masturbate after intercourse even though they were totally satisfied. I guess they just want to experience the feeling over and over again.

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2. She’s not satisfied

Like if your guy at this point doesn’t know the right spots to hit during sex, what does he expect then? after two rounds, he’s down.  This is yet another reason why she masturbates after sex. I guess it’s safe to say she knows her body better than you.

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3. She wants to experience a second orgasm

For some women, one orgasm isn’t enough for her to feel satisfied and well taken care of and so, she decides to please herself for another two.

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4. You didn’t do the job at all

So yeah, if you find her touching herself after sex, this just means that you were doing everything wrong. So ask yourself what you did and how you’re gonna get back to her good graces or else, she’s bound to boot you to the curb.

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If your man cannot please you the way you should be, then it’s high time you tell him to do his job or you’ll just walk away.

Come on! Sex is a two-way thing. Give in 100% and receive the same!

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