Your pee stinks probably because of these reasons

If your urine is smelly it is a strong indication that there’s something wrong with you health wise. If you want to know what’s happening in your system the best thing to do is check your urine, the colour, the smell will tell you everything you need to know. But these are most of the reasons you should be worried and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

1. You’re dehydrated 

Obviously if you haven’t been drinking liquids and especially water your urine is going to stink. If you don’t drink water, your urine has a strong odor and happens to be dark in colour. Buy a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated.

reasons your urine is smelly
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2. You have a UTI

One of the worst fears women have is getting a UTI. In fact, pee that has a strong ammonia smell, or a foul or slightly-sweet scent is often the first indication that you have a UTI. The infection usually has a bacteria that causes that foul smell, it can make your urine look cloudy or sometimes you may even feel pain while peeing or get blood in your urine.

reasons your urine is smelly
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3. You need to get checked for Diabetes

One of the symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination. If your blood sugar is too high your pee may have a “fruity” smell thanks to the extra sugar being excreted by your kidneys, too. So if you find yourself running to the loo more than usual, you may want to get your blood sugar levels.

reasons your urine is smelly
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4. You’re putting weird things up your vagina

Also known as douching which basically means you insist on using vaginal cleaning products which eventually just mess up with the pH balance of your lady parts. Your vagina is self-cleaning so please stop messing with that area and stop putting things up there.

reasons your urine is smelly
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5. You’re getting a yeast infection

When you get an imbalance of vaginal bacteria you get a “yeasty” smell. Yeast infections are usually in your vagina but because your urethra is super close it can pick up the scent.

Reasons your urine is smelly
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6. You’re ovulating/Pregnant 

The same hormones that gestate a baby (estrogen and progesterone) are also at work during your regular cycle even if it’s on a lower scale. When you’re pregnant your sense of smell is higher, you become like a dog with heightened senses with hormones amping up your ability to smell the ammonia scent.

reasons your urine is smelly
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7. You’re on medication

Some antibiotics and supplements can cause your urine to smell weird. Artificial flavors are put in some pill coatings to make them more palatable, but they can also change the scent of your urine.

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8. You have an STD

Some STD’s will definitely give you a foul smell so you need to get checked as soon as possible. Chlamydia is the most common culprit, followed by trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted parasite.


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