Collymore’s Boys Club to pay for Uhuru’s missed ‘special gift’

Bob Collymore’s memorial service was full of sweet moments, words and memories shared by his closest friends and family. Apart from his lovely wife Wambui who stole the show, there was a light moment shared that made everyone burst with laughter.

Among those who shared tributes were Peter Kenneth and President Uhuru Kenyatta who battled with a certain special gift that Bob had for his special friends. The special gift was a special whiskey that Bob had aged for a special occassion.

The story first shared by Peter went like this:

He went into his whiskey store and opened a very special Reserve blended whiskey that he had saved many years for a special friend. He insisted the boys club become his special friend.

He insisted that they share the whiskey, even for those who don’t drink whiskey.

It happens that on the day of the occurrence, Uhuru Kenyatta was also present and part of the special friends offered the whiskey. Uhuru shared his disappointment with the day where he had to leave earlier than the partaking of the liquor.

My one dissappointment I was supposed to go back to collect something that was reserved for a special friend.

How he ended the story cracking up everyone in the vicinity and at home up. He said:

So Kenneth, Oigara and crew you have to pay!

Rest well Bob. He truly left an impact on all kinds of people in the country, both big and small and will truly be missed.

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