Kenyans Harvest Free Data Bundles After Safaricom’s Technical Hitch

Giant Telco company Safaricom is counting huge loses after a technical error saw Kenyans purchase huge data bundles without paying for anything.

Rumours spread like bush fire on social media cycles, that the Safaricom Platinum service was undergoing a technical hitch and you could buy any type of bundle and choose to pay with Bonga Points. Customers got the data, free minutes and free sms even without having the Bonga points.

Thousands of Kenyans used this service to purchase monthly data. At one time, the system had so much traffic that it refused to load. But Kenyans kept going for the free data.

A screenshot after purchasing the free Data Bundles

Kenyans took to social media to celebrate the bundles galore, with some people saying that Safaricom was only paying for the injustice it has done for several years.

Some people suggested that this might not have been a technical hitch but rather a way of Safaricom celebrating with its users after Kenya’s dramatic win over Tanzania in the Afcon 2019 match played on Thursday night.

But the heist on Safaricom did not last for long as a good Samaritan warned them about the billions they were losing through underhand dealings.

The company has since disabled their Platinum service option as a short term measure to stop more loses. It is not clear what they will do to the customers who stole from them.

Bonga Points is a loyalty scheme for all Safaricom PrePay and PostPay subscribers. It awards points to registered users for every activity on the network which can be redeemed for rewards.



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