Whew Chile! How you could be dying a slow death by dating a boring guy

Honestly it sucks dating a boring Guy.

At first, it seemed awesome because you finally landed a good nice guy, with not much drama and unnecessary baggage. And you really met him. And it hit you. Hard. He’s just too damn boring.

And it’s draining the literal life out of your body. He is nice, sweet and loving but when you think of hanging out with him you get upset. Here are things you can totally relate to if you’re dating a boring guy.

1. He never wants to do anything and that just bores you 

You’re always the one insisting to try new things but he usually wants to just sit back and watch football all day. He may think you’re putting up with him but you’re genuinely bored.

when you have a boring boyfriend
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2. He is super clingy and you hate it 

He doesn’t have a life so he would rather hold onto you like there’s no tomorrow. There’s nothing exciting about him, which becomes annoying including them giving attention. You actually get bothered by it.

when you have a boring boyfriend
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3. Sometimes you think of cheating on him but awww he is too nice 

He is super boring and you met this super exciting guy so sometimes you think about cheating on the super nice boring guy. But then you really can’t because the guilt would kill you… though if you don’t really care you probably cheated on him already.

when you have a boring boyfriend
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4. You are literally his life and it’s just sad 

You are his source of entertainment and happiness which is honestly sad and therefore he keeps pinning everything on you which is tiring btw. You even think of ways to avoid being with him or even hanging out together…which shouldn’t be the case because you’re dating?



5. You’re always the one with something interesting to say 

Which is a lot of pressure because on the day when you’re actually tired he can’t help you with anything. SMH!!

when you have a boring boyfriend
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6. His jokes are never ever funny so you get irritated 

His jokes used to be funny but now you realize how dry they are and you can’t keep up with him anymore. It can be frustrating when he can’t even make you smile because he is just not interesting.

when you have a boring boyfriend
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Being with a good guy who is boring is a bummer. A relationship is meant to be fun and meaningful but it seems as if this draining man can’t get it. Question is will you learn to love a man who is not interesting?

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