Akothee slaps hard on a jobless youth

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The single mothers’ president and Abebo hitmaker, Akothee, is well known for not tolerating crap sentiments.

She recently left a fan disappointed after she rudely replied to her request of offering a job.

Through her Insa stories, she carried out an answer and question forum and most of her replies were not so pleasing.

An innocent and jobless Kenyan asked her whether she would help create a job for her in Nairobi; “I need you to offer me any job available in Nairobi, can you help?”

In response, Akothee said; “The governor of Nairobi can assist you on that.”

As if this was not enough, another fan shard her interest of being one of Akothee’s adopted children; “Hello madam boss. I am 19 years old. Are you in a position to adopt me?”

Akothee clapped back at her; “You are an adult adopt yourself!”

Though being a controversial musician, Akothee is well known for being so kind-hearted.

She recently won Kenyans hearts making them forget all the shameful acts she publicly displays after she stepped out to stand with hunger-stricken Turkana county.

She visited Turkana with trucks full of food, water and cloths. Her act was special compared to other organizations which made donations since she sacrificed her time to spend with Turkana community.

On finishing her charity mission, he adopted a Turkan girl who was responsible for the attires she wore while there.

It is not clear why she rudely responded to the 19 years old who asked for her adoption since she has previously adopted two children.

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Maybe a rude attitude was involved in the questions and answer session since another fan who asked her when she will be coming back to Kenya was also not spared.

The fan asked; “When will you back to Kenya, tunakumiss.” Akothee answered; “When I find a long sleeved bra!”

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