#MajiMajiRebellion: Your high level of lubrication in the Bedroom might just be why he’s put off by you

Normally, we would usually be talking about how if your P is dry, he probably will get turned off by you. But ironically, being lubricated also can turn him off. Who knew?

Apparently, there’s a limit to how wet you should be during the act. Which is weird. Because y’all literally keep saying how you wanna drown in them pussies and what not. Like at this point, we only have one question; What do y’all want??


This is even worse when your girlfriends seem to have normal and allegedly tighter v-walls  and you on the hand unleashes the floodgates of the Kariba dam which makes you feel so much worse about yourself smh.

The worst is when your man constantly complains about it too, which would obviously fuel the thoughts that he seeks dryer pastures under the illusion that dry is sweeter.

vagina monologues, staying wet, cum, lubrication
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But what really causes this to happen?

1. Communities lacking sex knowledge.

2. Cultural myths.

3. Ignorance serves as reasons as to why men would wander.

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According to a gynecologist,

It is only the highly sexed women who get copious lubrication when excited. Some women struggle through foreplay and if they manage something, it is always scanty. In fact, some need to purchase lubricant for the act, which can be uncomfortable otherwise. Women who do not get lubrication should see a doctor as a matter of urgency. It could be a signal of sexual arousal disorder.

vagina monologues, staying wet, cum, lubrication
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Now that we’ve educated you, let’s educate Kenyan men on this unforeseen pleasure that awaits them. A great save on lubrication and lower risk of v-wall tears leaving you less prone to STIs.

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