US embassy accepts new Bank notes after CBK intervenes

In a recent update to its citizens, the US embassy to Kenya has confirmed that it is accepting new notes that were unveiled by the central bank during the Madaraka day celebrations at Narok Stadium as payment from Visa applicants.

Through a statement, the embassy said that after consultations with the Central Bank of Kenya, they have been provided with equipment upgrades and training necessary to accept the new Kenyan currency.

“We now accept the new currency as well as the legacy currency valid until Oct 1. You may also continue to pay for services by credit card.” a statement from the Embassy read.Image result for uganda new bank notes kenya

The US Embassy had earlier advised Visa applicants that it was only accepting the old Kenyan currency notes further adding that applicants were open to paying through credit card.

Since the new Bank notes were unveiled, Uganda has since joined Tanzania central bank in banning Kenyan currency conversion.

Bank of Uganda issued a notice barring currency conversion and repatriation to Kenya stating that all conversions would be done within Kenya.

It is, however, to be noted that older versions of the smaller denominations will remain in circulation alongside the new ones launched, but after October 1, the older Sh1,000 note will all become invalid.

Bankers have warned that the withdrawal of the old Sh1,000 notes will not be easy given that they account for 83 per cent of the value of cash in circulation and 40 per cent of the currency in use.

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