Don’t be alarmed: this is why you have one larger breast than the other

We all have those days as ladies when we wake up and our boobs are just popping!

They look full, supple and round and just wow. And then on the rest of the days, its like Olympus fell overnight and landed right on our chest smh. -_- But that’s life and we have to accept that these are natural occurring and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them anyway.

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Often we as ladies find ourselves staring at the mirror butt naked, loving ourselves, touching our soft skin, doing that little dance we always do (you know the one), and then find ourselves groping your boobs and butt.

But that’s not all there is to it, you notice something. Your boobs in particular. Why is the right one heavier than the left? After doing much investigation you realize that you have two completely different sizes of boobs and you had no idea. But why though?

You start to wonder what could be the reason behind it. Well here are some reasons that are definite to answer your questions.

1. Hormonal changes during puberty

You and your boobs go way back. I mean, since child birth even. You have grown with them and watched them become the perfect set of boobs they are today. You know them better. Hormone changes during puberty can cause one boob to grow way ahead of the other, even if they stop growing at the same time. In as much as it may seem odd, and definitely annoying, it’s really nothing to worry about. Calm down boo-b! (lol)

4 Reasons Why You Have Uneven Boobs

2. Losing/ gaining weight

Your ears, eyes, feet aren’t exactly carbon copies ( I mean) so why should your boobs be identical? A lot of this is dictated by your genes anyway. If your mama has a pair of non-identical twins, then chances are, you’ve inherited it from her too.  Also, your titties are also partially made up of fat (along with connective tissue and milk ducts), and their size can be influenced by weight changes. When you add or gain weight, it doesn’t always happen uniformly all over your body… sawa?

4 Reasons Why You Have Uneven Boobs

3. Breast Lumps

A breast lump is a growth of tissue that develops within your boob. While breast lumps can be cancerous, most are simply caused by a variety of benign (non-cancerous) conditions or traumatic injuries to the breast. Sometimes, these lumps are actually cysts, (fluid-filled sacs). These are generally noncancerous so you can keep calm.  and while they can be found in women of all ages, they mainly affect women ages 35-50 and normally disappear after menopause. So, give it some time.

4 Reasons Why You Have Uneven Boobs

4. Bottom line is…

We all have uneven boobs. Big boobed and small boobed women too. It’s not just you honey. So unless your breast asymmetry is a new thing, it’s really nothing to stress over. However, it is worth noting that if you are constantly self-conscious about your uneven titties to the point that it affects your overall mood and well-being, you could be suffering from the effects of breast asymmetry. If this sounds like you, consider talking to someone about it.

4 Reasons Why You Have Uneven Boobs

Embrace the perks of your body honey. You are different and unique in your own way. A little unevenness in your chest, shouldn’t make you feel any less of a woman. A beautiful one in fact.

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