Ole Ntimama’s daughter Hints at 2022 Major Political Comeback

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Lydia Naneu Natimama-Masikonte when she was endorsed by CCM to run for Narok North constituency seat in 2017. Photo/File

With the mention of William Ole Ntimama’s name every Kenyan and especially the Maa community recalls the memories of a hard-line and no-nonsense man who stood strong to defend the interests of his people.

Apart from the long loud laughter that always left many in stitches, the late Ole Ntimama was praised as a leader who spoke his mind out without any fear especially when advocating for the conservation of Mau Forest and as well as reclaiming back the Maasai lands that had been grabbed.

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Despite his passing on two years ago, Ole Ntimama’s spirit still lives on through his no-nonsense daughter political heir Lydia Naneu Natimama-Masikonte. Masikonte, who popularly identifies herself as entito orkingi which loosely means the daughter of a king, seems ever-green ahead of 2022 even after losing the woman representative seat bid twice.

The charming lady who despite being endorsed by his father to run for Narok North seat in 2017 elections on a Jubilee party ticked boldly chose to turn against his father’s wish instead running using  Isaac Ruto’s CCM party.

This comes in handy for the veteran’s daughter who has so far announced her bid for the Women Rep seat after the current rep Soipan Tuya-Kudate hinted at running for the county’s gubernatorial seat in 2022.

It will not be the first time Lydia will be running for the 2022 women rep post. in 2013, she also tried her luck on an ODM ticket but lost to the current leader, Soipan Tuya.

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Since the time Ntimama asked the Maasai to support Jubilee government, President Uhuru Kenyatta has maintained close contacts with the family and recently Ntimama’s elder son Amos Ntimama was appointed as the Chairman of the Private Security Regulatory Authority.

Ntimama was regarded as one of the few Maasai’s political kingmakers and every direction he took, attracted a larger following from the community. His influence was not only felt in Kenya but also across the borders to the neighbouring country of Tanzania where he was also treated with high regards.

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“I was taken to Jubilee by my father but upon reaching there, I saw a ‘monster’ and I had to retreat. I am now in CCM and this is where I will fight for my community from,” Lydia noted in one of the political events.

Lydia Ntimama showing Edward Lowassa, former Tanzanian Opposition Presidential candidate around the late Ntimama Mausoleum at the Motonyi home

According to her, “They (Jubilee) told me that they wanted someone who was loyal and non-controversial for the Woman Rep position. It was then that I came to realization of the Swahili saying: Akufukuzaye, hakuambii toka (whoever doesn’t want you can’t chase you out directly) and I quit,” says Lydiah.

Her recent announcements come as a great mileage for former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto’s CCM party which is slowly coming back to life thanks to the recent harvesting of former Uasin Gishu gubernatorial aspirant Buzeki who defected to CCM in May from Jubilee party.





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