What Kenyans Will Miss After The Demise of Juma Njuguna

While sports broadcasting is all about giving information regarding the proceedings of a match, you will only be guaranteed many audiences when your content is engaging, humorous and well-researched.

All these qualities are what Kenyan listeners are going to miss after the demise of veteran sports broadcaster Mohammed Juma Njuguna.

Juma Njuguna will be remembered of his entertaining broadcast; a broadcast that could let listeners enjoy the proceedings of the match regardless of whether their side is losing the match.

Mohammed Juma Njuguna was pronounced dead after a long illness 20 years after joining Royal Media Services from Kenya Broadcasting Services.

He died while working as a content producer at Citizen Radio, a role he assumed back in 2016.

The news about his death was broken by his daughter Haluwa Mohammed on Saturday morning when she posted on social media ” Inalillahi wainailahi rajiuun. Just lost my dad Mohammed Juma Njuguna.”

Kenyans didn’t believe their ears upon hearing the news about his demise.

RIP Mohammed Juma Njuguna, Kenyans will really miss you for you were one of our heroes.

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