‘Can You Talk About Something Else?’ Tired Kenyans warn Ruto About Attacking Baba

Raila Odinga vs William Ruto; Courtesy

It is clear that the handshake did not totally bring to a halt the political rivalry between Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

On Friday Ruto continued his onslaught against Raila when he claimed that his narrative and riddles approach to issues cannot solve issues affecting Kenyans.

William Ruto (Right ) in River Nzoia in Budalangi: Courtesy

Last month during the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi, Ruto waded into the murky British politics that have forced Prime Minister Theresa May to resign claiming that he would ask for retired PM Raila’s CV and present it to the United Kingdom to be considered for the job.

In a rejoinder, Sifuna told off Dr Ruto, arguing that Raila is not ready to be offered jobs. He asked Ruto to first help jobless youths secure employment before offering to help Raila get a job.

Speaking in Budalangi on Friday, Ruto was quoted;

“Sijui vitendawili hapa, kule ooh, mnadhani Kenya itabadalika namna hiyo? Kindly stop those games. Lazima tujipange namna hiyo na tutazidi kutembea hapa ili tuhakikishe tunatembea barabara moja. Na hiyo barabara ni ya wananchi wote. Tulenge vile Kenya itabadilika kupitia miradi na mipango ya maendeleo.”

This has called for Kenyans who felt the Ruto has done enough of Raila jabs to respond. Some who even asked the DP should go through a mental check up over his Raila obsession.

Here are some of the reactions;

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