ISSA HARD KNOCK LIFE: Things you should NOT Worry about while in your 20s

Your twenties should be a time to start discovering yourself and having fun, yet a lot of people spend them fretting about love, work and other issues. Some things just aren’t worth the worry, especially when you’re young!

Here are some things not to worry about in your twenties:

1. What other people think

People will almost always have an opinion about you, from what you’re wearing, how you talk to even your breathing rhythm, there’ll be no end. Don’t let shallow minded people dampen your self-confidence.

2. Starting a family

Yes, the family pressure is loading, your friends are getting married and you’re living your own version of 27 dresses. That shouldn’t bother you.

3. Making mistakes

You’re young, you’re learning and growing. You need to make mistakes! It’s from the mistakes you make that mature you, so don’t strive for perfection.

4. Getting a man

Pressure, pressure! Singlehood isn’t the end of life, you don’t need a man to fulfil you and that’s something you need to evaluate. Enjoy your life.

5. Getting old

We all age and your twenties shouldn’t be your starting point. You have a lifetime to worry about ageing when you hit your 50s.

6. Lack of achievements

Success comes at different levels, just because you haven’t accomplished much now doesn’t mean it won’t happen, and if your friends are well established don’t get intimidated.

7. The world

The world is what it is. Go with the flow and live your life the best way you can.


There you have it, girls, life is too live it worrying and wondering. Once you hit your thirties a lot of things will make sense and you’ll realize that you worried so much about literally nothing. So enjoy your twenties and stop sweating the small stuff.

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