Is it possible to Save money Everyday in this Kenyan Economy?

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I know most of you are wondering how you can be able to save money every single day with this  era in economy.Well,sure,times are hard but here’s where you need to get tougher in order to prepare yourself for the future. Think about all the things you could accomplish.Saving money requires commitment and all the discipline you can gather.Work with your income to be able to determine how much you can save in a day.Don’t be too harsh or too soft when it comes to this, set a goal that is both manageable and realistic.

Here’s how you can save money daily:
1.Have the ‘we have food at home’ talk with yourself

Almost half of your money surely goes to what you eat.If you can be able to minimize on eating out and focused your money and energy to eating home cooked food you’ll find out that it’s not only cheaper but healthy too!See?That’s a double win right there.

2.Don’t overindulge in having a good time

You may be a victim of bar-hero where you tend to be the one who wants to spoil everyone and have a good time doing this and that all at once. We are not saying that you don’t live life but to some extent you can become toxic to yourself especially financially. Why not plan a vacation after 6 months of hard earned saving? The everyday or every weekend partying and having fun will leave you broke as hell .

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3. Subscribe to a reasonable data plan

We cannot stress this enough. Most people think that by buying small amounts of airtime all the time they are actually saving money but that’s not the case. It’s better to subscribe to a data plan that will last the whole week. Airtel seems to have one of the best data plans so far, you can get very cheap data bundles and with that comes free WhatsApp, how great is this?

Remember to check in with yourself daily to see I’d you’ve accomplished what you wanted.Pat yourself on the back for a good job or encourage yourself to stick to the plan and make changes where need be.

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