MONEY ON WHEELS! Making Easy money in Nairobi using your Car

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What if I told you you could make a fortune out of your car that’s been sitting home coz of the insane fuel pries? And no, I’m not talking about the normal way that is putting your car up for a taxi service becuse let’s face it, those as just chronic headache moments waiting to happen.

Have you ever considered using your car to make extra cash off? If not, here are some great ideas you can try:

car business
1. Private tourist transport

You can arrange for airport transfers, Air BnB owners and collaborate with travel agencies to hire your car for county excursions.

2. School mobility

Car pulling is the norm now for many working parents. How about you get a reliable driver to do school runs and all the parents pay a termly fee?

car business
3. Business events

I understand that all these other cab options are in the market, but many companies are looking into hiring reliable and professional services to transfer corporates and staff to and fro.

car business

There are a number of things you can do too to get an extra from your car. In a world of opportunities, one can never fail to brainstorm genuine money-making schemes.

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